Test Case Management

Crosscheck's Test Case Management module provides a powerful suite of features to streamline your testing process and keep your test cases organized and accessible.



Organized Test Case Repository

At the heart of this module lies a centralized repository for all your test cases. This ensures easy access and organization, allowing you to group them by project, milestone, feature, or any other relevant criteria. Additionally, intuitive search and filter options help you quickly locate specific test cases when needed. Furthermore, each test case includes key details like objectives, preconditions, steps, and more. This ensures your testing efforts remain organized and tightly aligned with your project requirements.



Flexible Test Case Status

You can define and manage various statuses, such as Passed, Failed, Blocked, or Not Tested. These statuses provide clear visual indicators for the progress of your testing efforts, allowing you to easily track the overall health of your test suite. Furthermore, updating test case statuses is efficient as you execute your test plans.



Activity Log

Access a detailed activity log for each specific test case. Keep a record of all changes, comments, and updates related to your well-organized test cases, providing transparency and accountability.



Testing History

For a comprehensive understanding of your testing efforts, Crosscheck provides access to a comprehensive testing history for each test case. You can view detailed logs capturing inputs, outputs, and results from previous test runs. By analyzing this historical data, you can identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement in your testing strategy.



Report Bug for Failed Test Case

When you encounter a failed test case, Crosscheck allows you to report bugs directly within the platform. This feature facilitates a smooth transition from testing to debugging, saving you time and effort. Additionally, linking test cases to reported bugs ensures clear traceability and efficient bug resolution. 



Import, Export Test Cases and Advance Filters

Finally, Crosscheck simplifies project migration and data exchange by allowing you to import test cases from CSV files with customizable mapping options. You can also export test cases for backup purposes or sharing with stakeholders. To facilitate targeted testing efforts, Crosscheck provides advanced filtering capabilities that allow you to narrow down your test case view based on specific criteria.


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