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Crosscheck App

Release 1.6.0 (Latest)

Release 1.5.2

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Crosscheck Extension

Release 1.6.0 (Latest)

Release Date:

04 Jul, 2024

Test Run Summary Report

Provides a comprehensive summary of test runs, including testing status, coverage, defect density, and more.

Testing Status Widget: Displays the tested item percentage, with a breakdown of tested and total counts.

Test Coverage: Calculates coverage by test cases count in the run against total active test cases in the project.

Defect Density: Calculates defect density by bugs reported in the test run against total test cases.

Bug Reported Widget: Shows total bugs reported and status-wise breakdown.

Time Tracking: Displays total tracked time and average time per test.

Activities: Lists all activities related to the test run, with the latest activities on top.

Test Case Status: Compares test case status before and after the test run, indicating changes with color-coded arrows.

Test Case Test Bugs Status: Similar comparison for test cases and bugs status before and after the test run.

Added a Project in a Newly Created Workspace

Automatically adds a default project to any newly created workspace across all subscription plans.

Project Details: Sets the project name to "Untitled" and status to "Open".

Sharing and ID Series: Sets share with to "None" and ID series to "CRW".

Default Milestone and Feature: Adds unlisted "Untitled" milestone and feature.

Onboarding Improvements

Enhancements to the onboarding process for a smoother user experience.

Redirection on Onboarding Cancellation: Redirects users to the home page and deletes "No Plan" workspace if onboarding is cancelled.

Onboarding Button and Plan Card Visibility: Redirect users to the home page and delete "No Plan" workspace if onboarding is cancelled.

Stripe Payment Handling: Saves onboarding steps and redirects users appropriately based on their workspace status if Stripe payment fails or is interrupted.

Jira Task Edit or Delete

Allows users to edit and delete tasks in Cross Check for Jira projects.

Access: Available to all users with project access across all subscription plans.

Edit Task: Users can edit task details such as issue type, assignee, title, and description.

Delete Task: Users can delete tasks with confirmation, and changes are reflected on both platforms.

Activity & Notifications: Tracks and notifies task updates and deletions.

Add Creatable Fields for Milestone and Feature

Enables users to create new milestones and features directly within various modals.

Editable Fields: Converts dropdowns to creatable fields for milestones and features.

Feature Creation: Requires selecting or creating a milestone before creating a feature.

Applicable Modals: Implemented in Report Bug, Add Test Case, Update Bug, Edit Test Case, and bulk edit options.

Add Fields into Project Card for Detailed Stats

Adds detailed statistics fields to the project card for better visibility.

Fields Added: Test Run, Tasks, Feedback, and Status with total count.

Duplicate Bug & Test Case

Enables users to duplicate bugs and test cases with prefilled data, excluding history and comments.

Duplicate Bug: Accessible via right-click menu and actions in the Bugs tab.

Duplicate Test Case: Accessible via right-click menu and actions in the Test Cases tab.

Implement Sorting

Adds sorting and searching functionality across multiple modules for improved data retrieval.

Modules Enhanced: Test Cases, Bugs, Test Runs, Test Cases within Test Runs, Bugs within Test Runs, Tasks, and Feedback.

Checks Page Improvement

Improves the Checks page for better usability and data management.

All Checks: Displays all checks created by or shared with the logged-in user.

My Checks: Shows only checks created by the logged-in user.

Shared Checks: Displays checks shared with the logged-in user.

Check Sharing: Disables options for copying public URLs and deleting checks based on user access.

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