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Getting started

Embark on your Cross Check journey with these essential reads to fully harness our adaptable SQA platform!

User Management

Empower your team with seamless user management — learn to navigate roles and permissions with ease.


Bring your projects to life with precision — our guide shows you how to manage and scale effortlessly.

Bugs Reporting

Transform bug tracking into an art — our guide makes reporting and resolving bugs clearer than ever.

Test Cases

Refine your testing with our Test Cases guide — where structure meets strategy for impeccable results.

Test Runs

Optimize how you test software — discover strategies for efficient test runs and flawless execution.


Connect and expand your workflow — our Integrations guide simplifies syncing with your favorite tools.

Feedback Widget

Your user feedback, amplified — learn to capture insights effectively with our Feedback Widget guide.

Cross Check Extension

Extend your QA capabilities — get started with the Cross Check Extension for Next Level testing.


Manage deletions with confidence — our guide ensures nothing important ever gets lost.


Master your SQA workflow — this guide details every activity, ensuring you capture the full spectrum of your software's lifecycle.


Navigate your billing with ease — understand your plan, payments, and more with this essential guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I import test cases from other testing tools or formats into Cross Check?
How can I provide feedback or suggestions about Cross Check?
Can I change my signup information after creating an account?
What happens if I forget my password after signing up?
Can Cross Check help in tracking historical data or changes?

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