Enhance User Experience with Crosscheck Feedback Widget

Crosscheck empowers you to capture valuable user feedback directly within your web or mobile application through its intuitive Feedback Widget. Users can report bugs, suggest improvements, and provide insights, ultimately leading to a more refined and user-centric product. Use feedback widget to continuously improve your product's usability and functionality.



Instantly Receive Feedback

The Feedback Widget provides a direct line of communication between your users and your development team. Unlike traditional feedback methods (like email surveys), users can submit their comments and suggestions instantaneously. This allows you to gain valuable user insights in real-time, enabling you to address issues and implement improvements promptly. Additionally, by capturing feedback within the context of the application, users can pinpoint specific elements or functionalities that require attention. This actionable feedback empowers you to prioritize bug fixes and feature enhancements based on direct user experience.



Easy install

Crosscheck's Feedback Widget empowers users to provide instant feedback directly within your web application. To install it, copy the unique code snippet from your Crosscheck project Feedback Tab and paste it before the closing </head> tag in your website's HTML or simply copy this code and insert into your source code file. Remember to save, upload the changes, and test the widget's functionality and placement for optimal user experience.



Report Bug from Feedback

Boost your productivity by utilizing customizable shortcut keys for frequently used actions within Crosscheck. These shortcuts allow you to quickly access essential features and actions, maximizing your productivity within the platform.



Customize Widget

Crosscheck understands that user experience is paramount. That's why the Feedback Widget offers customization options to match the look and feel of your application smoothly. You can modify the widget's appearance, including color scheme, branding elements, and button text. This level of customization ensures a cohesive user experience within your application.



Widget Position Customization

Furthermore, Crosscheck empowers you to choose the optimal placement for the Feedback Widget. By strategically positioning the widget, you can ensure it's readily accessible to users without obstructing their workflow. This balance between accessibility and discreteness is crucial for capturing valuable user feedback without impacting the overall user experience.


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