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User Management

User Management

How to Change a Role?

Date Updated: 17 May, 2024


Adjusting roles in Crosscheck based on users' current positions is now possible. Simply update roles to match users' current designations simply click on the change role option and change roles according to their designations

Who can use this Feature?
  • Only the Admin can change user role
  • This feature is available in all plans.
How to change Roles?
Step 1 Accessing the Change Role Feature:
  • Log in to your Cross Check account.
  • Navigate to the user management section.
Step 2 : Select the Change Role option
  • Go to Active Users tab.
  • Click on Change Roles option, roles drop down list will appear
Step 3 : Click on Save Button
  • After choosing a role click on save button

Note: If we change the user's role, all access will change according to their new role.

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