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Test Runs

Test Runs

How to Add Test Run?

Date Updated: 21 May, 2024


In Crosscheck, as a project manager, you can create your own bugs or test cases with specific details, and priorities, and assign them to QA team members. QA's can also create test runs for themselves

Who can use this Feature?:
  • All project members can use this feature except developers.
  • This feature is available in every plan
How to add Test Run?
Step 1: Click on the Test Run Icon:
  • login to website: https://www.app.crosscheck.cloud/login.
  • Click on the test run icon
Step 2: Click on the Add Test Run Button
  • Click on the Add Test Run button, and a side drawer modal will appear.
Step 3: Fill out the Mandatory Fields:
  • Enter the mandatory information such as the run title, due date, priority, and assignee.
  • Choose the bugs you want to include in the test run from your projects, their milestone, & feature
  • Select bugs of which you want to make test run
  • Add a description related to the test run if necessary.
Step 4: Click on the Save Button
  • Click on the save button to create and save your test run with the selected bugs


  • User can Edit Test Runs from the Projects module also following the same steps
  • Same for Test cases, click on test cases option select the projects their milestone & feature select the test cases you want to make test run

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