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Date Updated: 30 May, 2024


Now you can report a bug with Crosscheck New Feature. Simply mark a test case as failed, click on the 'Report a Bug' option in the modal that appears, and with a click of a button, your bug will be automatically reported.

Who can use this Feature:
  • Everyone who is a member of the project can report a bug of failed test cases except Developers. This feature is available in all plans, varying across each plan.
How to Report a bug of a failed Test case?
Step 1:Go to Test Case Module
  • Click on the Test cases tab
Step 2: Select Test Case:
  • Click on the specific test case you want to test from the list
  • Click on the status of the test case, a modal will appear
Step 3: Choose "Failed" Status:
  • Select the "Failed" status, which will redirect a popup to report a bug.
  • Click on the "Report a Bug" option.
  • A pre-filled bug form will appear with the test case already filled as a bug.
Step 4: Save Bug:
  • Click on the save button to report the bug.

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