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How to Import Test Cases?

Date Updated: 17 May, 2024


You can import test cases with just one click. Simply hit "Import," upload your CSV file, and match the columns and values. Choose your project, click "Start Import," and there you go—your test cases are now in Crosscheck. 

Who can use this feature? 
  • Except for Developers, all users can use this Feature 
  • This feature is available on all plans. Here are the subscription plan details    
How to Import Test Case? 
Step 1: Upload a File 
  • Login to website: https://www.app.crosscheck.cloud/login. 
  • Click on test cases from projects or the test cases module. 
  • Click the "Import" button. 
  • Upload a CSV file; the option to remove/upload another file is available. 

Note: You need to select the project when you import from the test cases module   

Step 2: Proceed Mapping 
  • Click "Proceed Mapping" to auto-map columns and values. 
  • Review and update any necessary mappings. 
Step 3:Click on Import Test Cases 
  • Click "Start Import" to create test case records. 
  • Confirm all mandatory values are mapped. 

Note: Don't import if data exceeds your subscription limit.     

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