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Date Updated: 30 May, 2024


Now, sharing test case reports with QA's & managers is super easy. Just click "Export Test Cases", and you'll get a CSV file with all the project test cases and their statuses. That's it!

Who can use this feature?
  • All Project Members can use this feature.
  • This feature is available in all plans except the free plan
How to Export Test Cases?
Step 1: Go to Test cases Module
  • Click on any project or bug-reporting module.
Step 2: Apply Filters (Optional)
  • If needed, apply filters such as project, milestones, features etc
Step 3: Click on "Export Bugs"
  • Once ready, click on the "Export Bugs" option to proceed.
Step 4: Download CSV File
  • Your bugs will be exported into a CSV file.


When a user applies any filter and then clicks on the 'Export Test Cases' option, they will see results according to the applied filters

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