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How to Create a Task in Jira?

Date Updated: 05 June, 2024


With Crosscheck and Jira, it's easy to handle tasks. Just create, edit, or delete tasks as needed. You can customize details like Jira site, project, issue type, and who's assigned. It's all about making task management super simple for you

Who Can Use this Feature?
  • All Members can access this feature.
  • This is available in the Basic & Premium plan
How to Create a Task on Jira?
Step 1: Select a Project
  • Choose the project for which you want to create a task.
  • Click on the "Bugs" tab.
Step 2: Create a Task
  • Click on the "Create Task" option.
  • Select the bug you want to create a task for.
Step 3:Task Title
  • Select the "Jira" option.
  • Fill in details like Jira site, Jira project, issue type, Jira assignee, and Crosscheck assignee.

Note: Jira assignee and crosscheck assignee are the same users, Once Jira assignee is connected with the Cross check assignee, On next ticket creation on Jira Cross check remember the Cross check assignee user will not be able to ask for the Cross check Assignee.

Step 4: Create the Task
  • Click on the "Create Task" button.
  • Your task is now created in Jira

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