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How to Delete workspace?

Date Updated: 25 May, 2024


Deleting a workspace in [Your Application Name] is a permanent action that removes all associated data. A confirmation pop-up ensures user acknowledgment before proceeding. Follow these steps to delete a workspace:

Delete Workspace Process:
Step 1: Access Workspace Settings:
  • Click on Workspace Avatar: Locate and click on the workspace avatar from the sidebar.
  • Select Workspace Settings: From the dropdown or menu options, choose "Workspace Settings" to proceed.
Step 2: Initiate Workspace Deletion:
  • Find Delete Workspace Option: Within the workspace settings, locate the option to delete the workspace.
  • Click on Delete: Select the delete option to initiate the deletion process.
Step 3: Confirmation Pop-up:
  • Review Deletion Prompt: A confirmation pop-up appears detailing the permanent deletion of the workspace and its associated data.
  • Confirm or Cancel Deletion: Choose "Confirm" to proceed with the deletion or "Cancel" to abort the action.
Step 4: Confirmation and Completion:
  • Final Confirmation: Some systems might require additional confirmation before final deletion.
  • Workspace Deletion: If confirmed, the workspace and its data will be permanently deleted.


  • Workspace deletion is irreversible and permanently removes all associated data like projects, test case, test runs bugs inside that workspace.
  • Use caution before confirming the deletion as it cannot be reversed.


Deleting a workspace in [Your Application Name] requires confirmation via a pop-up. This ensures the user is aware of the irreversible nature of the action and allows for the preservation of workspace data if cancellation is chosen.

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