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Getting Started

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How to create workspace?

Date Updated: 25 May, 2024


Creating a workspace in Cross Check allows you to establish a collaborative environment for managing bugs, and test cases using a project-centric approach. Follow these steps to create your workspace:

Workspace Creation Process:
Step 1: Access Workspace Creation:
  • During Signup: If creating a workspace during signup, follow the prompts after the email verification step to initiate workspace creation.
  • Within the Application: Navigate to the workspace section on the sidebar and click on "Add Workspace" to begin.
Step 2: Provide Workspace Details:
  • Workspace Name: Enter a unique and descriptive name for your workspace.
  • Workspace Avatar: Choose an image (JPEG, PNG, or JPG) avatar representing your workspace identity. By default, it will create an avatar with your workspace name's first letter.
Step 3: Additional Information and Choose Plan:
  • Additional Questions: Respond to specific queries prompted.
  • Select Plan: Choose a suitable plan for your workspace (Free, Basic, Premium) and duration (Monthly, yearly).
  • Choose Seats: In case basis or premium is selected, type number of paid seats you want to buy.
Step 4: Workspace Created Successful
  • In case Free plan is chosen, the workspace will be created with the provided information. And you can explore you workspace.
  • In case paid plan is chosen, you will be redirected to the checkout page for payment. After payment success, you will land in your workspace.
  • With your workspace created in Crosscheck, you're ready to collaborate effectively and manage test cases, bugs and test runs etc. efficiently within your new workspace.

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