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Capture Full Page Screenshot

Date Updated: 02 July, 2024

With Crosscheck Extension, you can effortlessly capture full-page screenshots. Just click on the 'Full Page' option, and your screenshot will be ready.

Who can use this Feature?

Everyone using Crosscheck can use this extension.

How to Capture full-page screenshots?

Step 1: Log in to Extension
Step 2: Select Full Page to Capture
  • Click on the "Full Page" option.
Step 3: Add Comments and More
  • Add comments to your screenshot if needed. Download the screenshot or create checks. Share the link of the captured screenshot with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Crosscheck Extension?

The Crosscheck Extension enhances your debugging workflow by allowing you to capture full-page screenshots, record your screen, and gather essential dev tools info quickly. This helps in documenting bugs, reporting issues, and providing valuable feedback to developers efficiently. Using the Crosscheck Extension ensures all relevant information is captured for efficient bug resolution, saving you time and improving your productivity.

What is "Checks" in Crosscheck?

We refer to captures made while using the Crosscheck Extension as "checks." These checks can be directly linked in the Crosscheck app as evidence for the areas where you want to add more details or documentation.

Is the extension paid?

No, the Crosscheck Extension is free to use.

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