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Bugs Reporting

Bugs testing

View Related Test cases

Date Updated: 31 May, 2024


Using Crosscheck, you can effortlessly view test cases linked to bugs. Simply choose your milestone and feature, then click "View Test Case" to see all relevant tests.

Who can use this feature?
  • All project members can use this feature except developers.
  • This feature is available on all plans.
How to see Test cases against a bug:
Step 1: Click on the Bugs Reporting Icon
  • Start by clicking on the bugs reporting module
Step 2: Select Milestone and Feature:
  • Click on the Report a bug Button
  • Choose the milestone and feature you want to see test cases
Step 3: View Test Cases:
  • Click on Expndable icon, you'll instantly see the test cases associated with that milestone and feature.

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