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Bugs Reporting

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Date Updated: 20 May, 2024


Now you can easily check bug details on Crosscheck. Explore project info such as Project, Milestone, Feature, Bug Type, and more. Navigate through tabs including Details, History, Comments, and more. In the 'Details' tab, discover Feedback, Steps, and other essential information. 

Who can use this Feature?   
  • All Members added to the project can see the bug details. 
  • This feature is available on all plans.
How to view a Single Bug? 
Step 1: Find Your Bug 
  • Login to website: https://www.app.crosscheck.cloud/login 
  • Select a bug from the project you want to view details or directly click on bugs reporting 
Step 2: View Bug Details 
  • Click on the bug or use the action menu to view details. 
  • Check project specifics like Project, Milestone, Feature, Bug Type, and more at the top. 
  • Also check bug Details, History, Comments, and more. 

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