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How to Retest a Bug?

Date Updated: 20 May, 2024


Wanna retest your bug? Now you can easily do so from the action column or by right-clicking. Choose a status, add the version you're testing, throw in some evidence and notes, and then click save to update. You can also view the retest history by clicking on the 'Retest History' tab.

Who can use this Feature?
  • Except for Developers All roles (Admin, Owner, Project Manager, and QA) will have access to retest bugs from both projects and bugs.
  • In the free plan, users can retest up to 500 bugs in the Basic plan users can retest up to 3000 bugs and in the Premium plan users can retest unlimited bugs.
How to retest a bug? 
Step 1: Choose a Project 
  • Login to website: https://www.app.crosscheck.cloud/login 
  • Select a project on which you want to retest a bug or directly click on the bugs reporting icon and select a project and its milestone. 
Step 2: Fill in the Details 
  • Click on the Retest icon from the Action Menu 
  • A Retest form will appear. 
  • In the retest form, pick a status (like Closed or Reproducible). 
  • Add the version of the website you're testing.  Include any evidence or notes if needed 
Step 3: Save Your Changes 
  • Click the "Save" button to update the bug's status. 
Step 4: Check Retest History 
  • If you want to see the bug's retest history, click on the "Retest History" tab 

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