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Bugs Reporting

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How to Report a Bug?

Date Updated: 20 May, 2024


Reporting a bug on Crosscheck is easy. Simply click 'Report a Bug,' write your feedback, set the priority, attach evidence, and assign it to the developer

Who can use this Feature? 
  • All members can access this feature, except those with the developer role.
  • In the free plan, users report up to 500 bugs in the Basic plan users can report up to 3000 bugs and in the Premium plan users can report unlimited bugs.    
How to Report a Bug? 
Step 1: Choose a Project 
  • Login to website: https://www.app.crosscheck.cloud/login 
  • Select a project to report a bug on or you can directly click on the bugs reporting icon
  • Click on the “Report a Bug” button
Step 2: Fill a bug Form: 
  • Choose a milestone and feature from project-specific dropdowns. 
  • Write feedback, steps to reproduce, and ideal behavior in the text editor. 
  • Choose severity and bug type from the dropdown lists. 
  • Choose or create a new bug subtype from the creatable dropdown. 
  • Select a developer from the dropdown list. 
  • Type Task ID, select testing type, and input tested version.
  • Choose or create tested devices and environments from creatable dropdowns. 
  • Choose or create tested devices and environments from creatable dropdowns. 
  • Choose or create tags for the chosen project from the multi-select creatable dropdown  
  • Choose a screen recording, upload a file, or paste a URL as evidence. 
Step 3: Click on Report a Bug 
  • Click "Save" to report the bug to the relevant project. 
  • If attempting to close the form without saving, a confirmation prompt will appear. 

Note: You can report a bug from the bugs reporting module also

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