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How to Import Bugs?

Date Updated: 20 May, 2024


Our bug import system simplifies the process: users upload a CSV file, map mandatory fields like "milestone" and "feature," and utilize fuzzy matching for accurate cross-checking. Creatable dropdowns enable new values for certain fields. The import won't proceed without mapping all required values, and it checks against subscription limits. Post-import, an activity log and notification with user details and bug count are generated for streamlined tracking. 

Who can Use this Feature? 
  • Owner, Admin, Project Managers, and QA can access this feature 
  • This feature is available in all plans. Here are the subscription plan details   
How to Import Bugs? 
Step 1: Upload a File 
  • Login to website: https://www.app.crosscheck.cloud/login 
  • Click on the bugs Reporting button/click on any project's bugs tab 
  • Click the "Import" button to initiate bug data import. 
  • Upload a CSV file; the option to remove/upload another file is available. 
  • Select "Proceed Mapping" to map CSV data into Cross Check. 
  • Choose the project (for bug reporting module imports) before proceeding. 
  • Validate the date format by clicking the "Proceed Mapping" button. 
Step 2: Columns Mapping: 
  • On clicking on the Proceed Mapping button a form will appear 
  • For now, Milestone and Features are mandatory 
  • Utilize fuzzy matching to map values into cross-check fields. 
  • Map Developer Name, Reported By, Last Retest By, and Closed By to
  • workspace users, with provisions for data beyond workspace users. 
  • Update mappings through respective models. 
Step 3: Start Import: 
  • Click on "Start Import". 
  • Ensure all required values are mapped; display an error message if any are missing. 
  • Check if the import data exceeds the subscription plan limit; show an error and specify the number of bugs allowed within the limit. 

Note: You can also access the import bug feature from the bugs reporting module

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