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How to Delete Bug?

Date Updated: 31 May, 2024


Now you can delete your reported bugs on Crosscheck, use the right-click menu, check the table header for multiple bugs, or use the "View Bug" menu. When you click "Delete," a message asks if you're sure. If you're on the Free plan, the bug goes away forever. But for Basic and Premium plans, it hangs out in the trash. 

Who can use this Feature? 
  • Except for Developers All users (Admin, Owner, Project Manager, and QA) will have access to edit bugs from both projects and bugs 
  • It all depends on the plan you purchase. Here are the subscription plan details   
How to Delete a Bug? 
Step 1: Choose a Project from bug-reporting 
  • In the bug reporting table, find the bug you want to delete. 
Step 2: Delete Bug
  • Click on "Delete" in the Action column. 
Step 3: Confirmation Pop-up 
  • After clicking "Delete," a pop-up will appear. 
  • Click "Yes, Delete the record” to delete a bug 

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