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How to Create a task?

Date Updated: 05 June, 2024


Create, edit, and delete tasks seamlessly with Crosscheck. Choose between Click Up fill customize details like title and assignee etc. Effortlessly manage tasks with simplicity and efficiency. 

Who can use this feature? 
  • All Project members can create tasks on Click up
  • This feature is available in Basic & Premium Plans only.
How to make the task on click up/Jira?
Step 1: Select website 
  • Login to website: https://www.app.crosscheck.cloud/login 
  • Select the bugs from projects or from the bugs reporting module 
Step 2: Create a task 
  • Click on the “Create a task button. 
  • Select either to create a task from Click Up or Jira. 
Step 3: Add ticket details 
  • Select the location, title, and assignee 
Step 4: Click on the Save button 
  • Save your task and it's done 
Step 5: Edit task 
  • From the task option click on the edit icon. 
  • The pre-filled form will appear where the user can edit: Location,Title ,Assignee ,Task Description 
  • Click on the update task button to save the changes 
Step 6: Delete Task 
  • From the task option click on the delete icon. 
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear  
  • To delete the task, choose “Yes, Delete this Task”   

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