Checks - Capture Bugs in Seconds. Powerful Crosscheck Extension.

Crosscheck empowers you to capture web page elements and interactions through its user-friendly browser extension called Checks. This feature allows you to efficiently document bugs, report issues, and provide valuable feedback to developers.



Screenshot (Selected, Visible, Full screen)

Checks caters to various capture needs with its versatile screenshot options. You can capture only a specific portion of the web page by selecting the desired area, ideal for focusing on specific bugs. Additionally, you can capture the currently visible portion of the browser window or even grab the entire web page, including content beyond the immediate scroll view.



Video Screen Recording

Sometimes, a static image doesn't tell the whole story. Checks allows you to record a video of your screen interactions. This is particularly useful for demonstrating bugs, reproducing issues, and providing a clear visual representation of the problem you encountered.



Dev Tools (Console, Network, Actions)

Checks can automatically capture essential developer information alongside user-initiated captures (screenshots, videos). This information can include:

  • Console Logs: Capture and display console logs within the Checks extension, providing valuable insights into errors and JavaScript execution issues.
  • Network Requests: Capture network requests made by the web page, including details like request type, URL, status code, and response time. This can help identify potential loading issues or API errors.
  • Session Metadata: Automatically capture session metadata like URL, timestamp, country, and network speed. This contextual information aids developers in understanding the environment where the bug occurred
  • Device Metadata: Capture device information like device type, browser version, operating system, and viewport dimensions. This provides developers with a clear picture of the user's browsing environment, potentially helping to identify device-specific issues.
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    Add Comments

    You can annotate your screenshots or video recordings with comments. Highlight specific elements, provide additional details about the bug, or explain your thought process when encountering the issue.



    Directly Report Bug

    Convert your captures (screenshots, videos) with comments into actionable bug reports within Crosscheck. This eliminates the need to switch between tools and ensures all relevant information is captured for efficient bug resolution.


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