Bugs Reporting 

Our bug reporting module provides a user-friendly and structured bug reporting form. With Crosscheck, you can effectively identify, document, and resolve bugs, ultimately enhancing the quality and stability of your software applications. 



Detailed Bug Reporting 

Our bug reporting module provides a user-friendly and structured bug reporting form. You can submit detailed bug reports that enable your team to understand issues at a glance. Manage efficient issue tracking by;

  • Easily documenting bug details
  • Mentioning steps to reproduce
  • Explaining ideal behavior
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    Easy Bug Evidence Management

    Attach screenshots, screen recordings, logs, or any other relevant files directly to your bug reports. Plus, for those instances when you don't have an existing file or URL, our built-in screen recording feature lets you capture the issue in real-time directly from the bug reporting form. This provides clear and concise evidence of the issue encountered, facilitating a deeper understanding of the bug and faster resolution. 



    Detailed Activity Log and Comments 

    Maintain a clear audit trail for each bug report. Track who reported the bug, when it was assigned, its status (e.g., Open, Closed, Need to Discuss), and any updates or comments made throughout the resolution process. This fosters transparency, collaboration, and streamlines communication within your team. 



    Comprehensive Retest History

    Gain valuable insights into the bug's behavior by accessing a detailed retest history. View timestamps, testers involved, outcomes (e.g., Passed, Failed), and any additional notes associated with each retest. This allows you to track progress towards resolution and identify potential regressions. 



    Quick Bug to Test Cases Conversion

    Easily transition bugs into formalized test scenarios. Specify test case steps, expected results, and relevant test data with ease. This saves you time and ensures accuracy in capturing the issue.  



    Bug Form Configurations

    Crosscheck offers granular control over bug reporting forms. Admins, Owners, and Project Managers can define required and optional fields (e.g., severity, priority, reproduction environment) to tailor the bug reporting experience to specific project needs. This ensures you capture all the critical information for efficient bug resolution and prioritization.



    Import, Export Bugs and Advance Filters 

    Simplify bug data migration and management by: 

  • Importing bugs from CSV files with customizable mapping options for data transfer from other systems
  • Exporting bugs for backup purposes, sharing with stakeholders, or migrating data to other tools
  • Utilizing advanced filtering capabilities to pinpoint specific bugs based on various criteria, such as severity, priority, status, assignee, or project. This facilitates efficient bug tracking and prioritization
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    Ensure Best Quality with Crosscheck

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